Teaching a Biblical Worldview

How do you teach your children to have a Biblical worldview? Better yet, do YOU have a Biblical worldview?

What is a Biblical worldview? Here is a definition from Answers In Genesis:

For this article it will be sufficient to summarize the definition of worldview
as it follows from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language,
Fourth Edition, 2000.
world·view -noun: 1. The overall perspective from
which one sees and interprets the world. 2. A collection of beliefs about life
and the universe held by an individual or a group.
A person’s worldview,
whether it be Christian, humanist or whatever is a personal insight about
meaning and reality. It is how a person interprets, through his or her own eyes,
a personal belief about the world.
(You can read the rest of the article about the definition of a Biblical worldview here.)

We are trying to help our children see the world through Jesus' eyes. So many times someone might say, "He has a problem with alcohol" or "She has a drug problem" or "That person cheated on their spouse". Dream Latte is quick to point out (especially to our Espressos) that those people don't have alcohol, drug or adultery problems; they have a Jesus problem! Those people need Jesus!

When the news is on (not often here) and the children see something disturbing, we try to help them to see it from a Biblical perspective. When they are watching a kid's show and the star starts to smart off to the parent or someone does something that goes against how we should act or be, we are quick to ask questions about that and discuss it.

I encourage you to look further into this if teaching your children a Biblical worldview isn't something that you are already doing. Again, this takes being intentional!

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