The Quarter Mile Math Wins the Race!

The Quarter Mile Math program is great math practice for kids (and adults)! I was very impressed to learn that it is used by all Sylvan Learning centers in the U.S. and Canada.
QM detects even the smallest improvement so that it easily builds the child's confidence. This program is good for kids ranging from Kindergarten to 9th grade and can help kids that are on grade level, in special education or are very gifted.

These are features from their website:
*Self-competitive format—a top motivator
*Race format makes mental math practice exciting
*Topics cover K through pre-algebra (K-9th grade)
*70,000+ problems keep boys, girls, and teens on their toes

Quarter Mile's website is wonderful! It is full of videos and breaks everything down so you can know all about the product before you even get it.

Description of The Quarter Mile:
In this program, you have the choice to be a race car or a wild horse. After the race begins, math facts are flashed at the bottom of the screen and you are to answer them as quickly as possible. After each race you finish, your times are posted. After racing against FE "Fast Eddie" (who is designed to lose) your times will replace his, so that in the end you are racing against yourself.

The graphics in QM are very simple which allows for a greater concentration on the math problems.

I started my 10 year old, who needs extra help after a long summer break, on Quarter Mile as soon as I got it. He instantly loved it. He likes both the horses and the race cars. At first, he didn't understand the "race against yourself" concept but my older son explained it to him by using Nintendo's Mario Cart game! After using QM and getting the hang of it, his competitive nature kicked in. He got into an intense stance with his fingers ready and pushed the start button! After racing a few times he said, "This is cool! Thanks for buying this for me Mama!"

How we use QM:
Everyday we start math out by doing QM before regular lessons. This helps to get his math facts fresh in his mind and ready to learn the next concept. It is amazing how well this works!

After my younger son used Quarter Mile a few times, my older son (13) decided that he was going to try this thing out. I signed him in and he was off! Right away, he got into it and started racing. Of course, he wanted to try the one's times tables so that he could see how fast his fingers could go.

Prices for QM:
You can choose from 7 different programs depending on what grade your child is in and what topics need to be practiced.

Standard CD versions:
$39.95 for grades K-3rd to $89.95 for grades K-9th

You also have the wonderful option of paying by the month:
$2.95 per family per month
$19.95 per family per year
$34.95 per family for two years
Special Offer:
If you use the Referral Code below, you'll get $5 off any product--Standard or Deluxe.
(There is a place to input this code on the order forms. This Referral Code will be good until September 30.)

Like my children, I love the Quarter Mile Math program. It is an encouraging, confidence building way to reinforce math topics. We will be using this for a long time to come!

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