Nature Journal

Yesterday, I was taking the dog for a walk and happened to look down and see a caterpillar on a bush. I plucked the leaf off and took the little guy home. We put him in a jar and read about how to take care of him.

Today, the boys and I took the dog for another walk and found 2 more caterpillars (all 3 different) on the same bush. We took them home and gave them each their very own caterpillar condo.

I thought it would be neat to make nature journals about what the caterpillars are doing everyday. So far, the first one has eaten 1/3 of his leaf and pooped a nice little pile of black balls! Sorry, TMI!!!
I found this great journal for kids to make at Bringing Up Learners.

I also found some great info on caterpillars.
How to keep a caterpillar

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