Web Design For Kids (...and Curious Grown-Ups!)

Web Design For Kids (...and Curious Grown-Ups) is an instructional DVD on learning basic HTML to create web pages and websites. Brian Richardson, the creator of WDFK, is a middle school computer literacy teacher. He wanted to make a DVD that would help kids (and curious grown-ups) learn the basics of HTML without extra busy work or confusion.

WDFK is recommended for kids ages 10 (possibly as low as 8) through adult. Kids have the satisfaction of getting immediate results when they follow the DVD. Brian takes them through every small step so that that they can see what they've learned after the first few minutes. He speaks in such a way that even small children can follow along. The kids in the video ask some great questions that your child may be thinking.

Features Include:
*Build website or page from scratch
*Breaks DVD up into segments
*10 basic lines of code
*Change fonts and colors of words
*Change background colors
*Make headings and titles
*Put info into the body of the page
*Scrolling text
*Add separation lines
*Shows how to identify wrong codes or mistakes
*Add backgrounds from free websites
*Add photos
*Introduces the "Paint" program
*Repeats things every once in a while for review
*Explains file folders and how to use them in detail

Prices and ordering:
$19.99 plus $3.99 shipping
(money back guarantee)
*WDFK uses a simple program that comes with your computer (notepad) so that there is nothing extra to purchase.
**A portion of the proceeds go to support the following charities:
The Smile Train, Ronald McDonnald House, Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, Children's Miracle Network, American Foundation For the Blind

How we use WDFK:When I got Web Design For Kids in the mail, I immediately put it into the DVD player. My older son (13) sat down with his dad's laptop and started following the DVD. I kept hearing the DVD pause and then he would say, "Cool!" He didn't even know what HTML code was until he watched this DVD. Before I knew it, he had the start of a great web page done!
I plan on having my son go back through this program a second time. I am going to encourage him to follow along with Brian but this time, get creative and add his own touch to his page.

Here are some webpages that kids have made:

Web Design For Kids is a wonderful resource to teach kids of all ages the basics of HTML and web page design. This is a great DVD for an at-home computer literacy "class". It not only helps build your child's knowledge of computers but it also helps to build confidence as they see their page come to life within minutes of starting the DVD.

I recommend WDFK as a great start for you or your child into the wonderful world of computers!

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H-Mama said...

wow... thanks for that review. mom may need to take the class. ;)


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