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I was given 4 free eBooks by Guardian Angel Publishing to review. I, personally, love eBooks. Maybe that is just satisfying my fleshly need for "instant".

The PDF eBook downloads for these 4 books are $5.
The physical books can be ordered for more money.

This book is a great book to read as an eBook. I really like the pages in the eBook format. I also like the way it is written matter-of-factly. Children from all over the country can learn all about facts about earthquakes such as: what the earth is made of, what does an earthquake feel like, aftershocks, and fault lines.

There are "factoids" thrown in here and there. They say neat little things like:
"The second biggest earthquake in the United States happened in 1811 in the Mississippi Valley near New Madrid, Missouri. The Earth shook for FOUR days
and was felt as far away as Boston, Massachusetts.
This quake changed the course of the Mississippi River."

I like this book and I think it is a good book to read in PDF format.

This is a very colorful book! It's a cute little story.
"Genevieve is a little shepherdess with a big imagination. When she finds a sad pale rainbow, she tells him funny stories until he cries happy tears and his colors return. Genevieve’s sheep are caught in the colorful rain of tears and become the “Rainbow Sheep.”

I don't really like reading stories around an eBook that's been printed out or on the computer. What I do like about this book is that all of the photos are done in "felt" art. Included in the back of the book are 4 pages of instructions on how to do "felting" for fun!

The Sum of Our Parts: No Bones About It
What I like about this book is all of the Factoids. There is a bunch of information in the factoids - such as: how many bones are in the body and how many bones a person is born with, which bone is the smallest and which is the longest.

The book is written in a rhyming format. "Your toes are phalanges; The tarsals come next. They wiggle and move When your feet become flexed."

There is a little quiz at the end of the book to see if you can name the bones on a skeleton. Some of the pictures of bones in this book are kind of gross. Boys would, especially, like that. Some of the pictures of the bones have smiley faces; I think girls would like that.

Andy & Spirit Go to the Fair
What a great story about a boy in a wheelchair who competes with his horse Spirit in the state fair. Andy is met by challenges that all people experience and the extra challenges of a boy who is handicap. This story helps open up Andy's world to the reader.

My son (11) really liked this story. As we read it and switched to the next picture he said,
"That's exactly what I pictured." The illustrations in this book are really nice.
Again, I don't particularly like reading a story around the computer but I was given an eBook to review!

Any & Spirit Go to the Fair is a sweet story of overcoming, friendships, 4H and horses.

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