Virginia Soaps & Scents - Made by a homeschool family!

Oh my goodness! When I got the box in the mail to review Virginia Soaps & Scents, I immediately opened it. I started in with all of my ooh-ing and ahh-ing and the boys came running. "Let me smell! Let me smell!" was being shouted out.
I just can not resist sniffing and sniffing this stuff! Even the papers that came with the soaps smell good! Virginia Soaps & Scents is a company in Virginia who makes wonderful handcrafted soaps of all kinds and they are a homeschool family!

I opened the package to see some interesting items! There were 3 handcrafted soaps, a shampoo bar and a laundry soap kit! What? A shampoo bar? I was so excited to see the laundry soap kit because I have been meaning to make my own and just didn't get to it.
The handcrafted soaps were pure yumminess! Coconut Lemongrass, Fresh Orange and Oatmeal, Milk & Honey were the three that I received. The soaps have such wonderful scents. Thoughts of pampering myself immediately start swirling around in my head!
When I wash, the soaps leave a softness and a feeling of cleanliness. Did I mention that they smell exquisite? Oh I wish you could smell them! The Oatmeal, Milk & Honey bar not only smells great but has an exfoliator in it. (I suppose that is the oatmeal.)
A shampoo bar? Yes! My first thought was that it smelled wonderful! (I received the Ginger Lime bar.) My next thought was, "Eewww! I have to try this?" I am so glad that I did! It got sudsie and was so smooth feeling! Next, I had my husband try it. He liked it too! I loved how clean and natural my hair felt.
I was so excited to get the laundry soap kit. Basically, you melt the grated soap in water on the stove, , add the dry ingredients, pour into a container, add water and stir! It is so simple and so natural! The soap turns into a gel and you are ready to wash! The soap ends up costing between 4-11 cents per load! (This soap may be a good choice for people with allergies.) The directions say to use 1/2 cup per load but I often get away with using less! I'm not going back to store bought laundry detergent!
These soaps are handcrafted by the Spargur family and they use all natural oils in their soaps. I highly recommend their company and their soaps!
Handcrafted soap: $4.50 for one, $12 for three, buy four bars and get one free
Shampoo: $5.50 for one, $10 for two
Laundry soap kit: $4.95 (makes 2 gallons), $25 for six kits

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Beautiful Mess said...

Neat-o! My new project for Christmas is to try to attempt to make my own soap--after reading this I am tempted to chicken out and just buy it -hee hee!

Thanks--shampoo bar--interesting!


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