AVKO (huh...?)

AVKO Educational Research Foundation: A non-profit organization devoted to helping teachers, parents, and researchers since 1974.

"AVKO's mission is to provide free and low cost resources to home and school
educators in order to achieve literacy for all even despite learning
challenges or dyslexia. Articles, videos, catalogs, blogs, language arts,
curriculum, and curriculum consultations are just a few of our resources."

Don McCabe is the Research Director of AVKO Educational Research Foundation
and he is a delightfully, funny man! You will find his sense of humor
in many of his books. He has made his autobiography available on the AVKO

I was asked to review the one year membership for AVKO. The basic membership is $25 a year. With that, you will receive:

*A 25% discount on all AVKO printed materials
*Tons of free eBooks
*Access to the members only section which includes: Instructional Ideas, Humorous eBooks, Supplemental Curriculum, Workshop Recordings, and much more
*AVKO Newsletter

Some of the workshop recordings that I appreciate are:
*Spelling -- Accentuate the Positive; Eliminate the Negative
*You Don't Need a Master's Degree to Teach Your Kids -- Just a Degree of Caring

One thing that I think could be improved is the look of the website. This foundation has so much to offer; the website should reflect the wonderful programs and books.

I purchased the Sequential Spelling curriculum and love it. This review isn't about the spelling program but I would like to encourage you to check it out!

I do appreciate all that AVKO has to offer!

Disclaimer: I do not get paid to review products. I receive the product for free, through The Old Schoolhouse Crew. Thank you Old Schoolhouse!

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Beautiful Mess said...

It is funny to me how there are so MANY great things out there and we have "no idea"

Thank you for taking the time to "educate" us mama's! Appreciate your hard work, for no pay :) Credited righteousness!


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