Homeschooled children learn by...

...making mistakes! That's right!

Calling all control freak helpful, busy efficient, "it'll get done better if I do it myself" relaxed, homeschool moms!
Sometimes kids NEED to make mistakes. If I were to stand over my kids every time they are learning something new, they might miss out on some great life lessons!
I know it's hard. You want to do it yourself because:
"If you want somethin done right - you gotta do it yourself!"
"They'll just make a bigger mess that I'll have to clean up anyway."
"I'm a 'Mother Hen' and..." (Well, we all know about "Mother Hen's".)
Tonight, Espresso (now 13) wanted to make brownies after dinner. I so easily could have stood over him and made sure he did everything perfect. I could have said, "No, I don't want another mess out tonight." Instead, I sat down on a chair and let him go at it.
Did he make a mistake? Yes. He accidentally poured some of the dry mix into the greased pan. I instructed him to wash out the pan and start over. The rest he did by himself and in a few minutes, we will have a yummy desert to eat!
I just want to encourage all of the wonderful, loving, rightfully protective, homeschool moms to relax. Sometimes kids need to try things on their own and maybe even make a mistake or two!


Beautiful Mess said...

There is MORE learning in the mistakes than getting it right the first time! We make a lot of mistakes around her-so there is a lot of learning. I LOVE IT!

Jan Mader said...

I agree. I think mistakes are the most teachable moments in life...especially in an atmosphere that is relaxed and kind.


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