Exploracise ~ GyMathtics!

GyMathtics is a DVD that combines exercise and math! GyMathtics helps to get the wiggles out! (Great for kids 2nd - 5th grade!)

What will the kids do?

*Shape Stretches Warm Up ~ while talking/learning about shapes, parallel lines, etc.
*Counting Calisthenics ~ while counting
*Pattern Power ~ strengthening muscles while repeating patterns
*Well-Being Wind Downs ~ relaxing stretches while thinking about healthy choices

The box says that kids will want to do the DVD "again and again". That was true with my 5th grader!

Once I got this DVD out in the middle of a school day, Espresso wanted to do the whole thing over and over. He absolutely loves to take a break from his "studies" and get some energy out. Not only that, he was excited to see some math concepts talked about that he is currently learning such as: acute and obtuse angles, intersecting lines, and polygons.

See GyMathtics in action:

You can order GyMathtics for $24.99

This 30 minute exercise routine can be used in several ways. One way that we like to do it is in between subjects or when taking a break from projects. Espresso will turn on the DVD for a few minutes, gets some wiggles out and go back to work. Later, he turns it on again and does the stretches at the end.

We are so glad that TOS Crew had us review this DVD!

Disclaimer: I do not get paid to review products. I gladly review products for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

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