Now THIS is homeschooling...

I say that when...

...the kids are quietly (or loudly) working on their artwork.
...the boys get to dive into their interests, explore and grow the talents that God has given them. child is engrossed in a book and the other is working hard on his multiplication.

...the Espressos build a fort in their room and stock it with "things" that they'll "need".

...we are all reading and digging in to the meaning of a Bible verse.
...the guys decide that they want to cook something and do a GREAT job!

...the boys are exploring around a museum on a school day.

...our family is taking a nature walk ~ giggling all the way ~ and we discover something cool!

...Espresso (13) is sitting on the nursery floor with his cousin (6) building a structure out of blocks.

...Double Espresso (10) is having a conversation with some adult about a basketball team.
...the boys have taken over doing their own laundry from start to finish and love it! (I don't get that one!)

...the kids are excited when we get out our study of Ancient Greece ~ and their mama is too!

...our family gets to eat lunch together at the table everyday.

...the kids have a question about anything under the sun (like where do hiccups come from) and we are able to dig in and find out the answer right when they ask the question.

Now, THAT'S homeschooling!

What is homeschooling to you?

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Cheryl said...

That looks like so much fun! And I completely agree. Sometimes I have to remind myself that life experience is just as important as curriculum.


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