Homeschooling Through the Holidays

I'm not the "go all out" type for Christmas. I am withdrawing more and more every year and leaning more toward the Biblical holidays but that's a TOTALLY different story!

Homeschooling through the holidays may be a struggle for some people. We went away for Thanksgiving and it was like a glorified field trip! The Espressos learned about hunting, guns, deer, bows, reading maps and a bunch of other things along the way!

We were going down the highway and Espresso was studying the map to see where we were when all of a sudden he insisted that we need to take a different route. I decided to trust him and go that direction. (My husband said that it didn't matter which way we went.) So, Espresso navigated me through 3 highway switches and into another state.

Even though you may not be officially "schooling" during the holidays, there are plenty of ways that your children can still learn.

What does your family do during the holidays?

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Beautiful Mess said...

We are doing the Jesse Tree advent and we are loving going through the bible stories leading up to Jesus. It doesn't feel like school but we are learning! I am loving it!

Loving the Biblical Holidays--it is our ROOTS! I hate that much has been lost. We can bring it back ;)


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