Learn to Play the Guitar! ~ Review

Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class - Volume One
What a great DVD lesson!  Jean Welles teaches guitar from the Christian perspective of music glorifying the LORD.  The lessons are easy to understand and are great for children (age 9 1/2 and up) or adults.

You can watch lesson one!

What can be learned from lesson one?
  • How to hold a guitar
  • How to tune a guitar
  • Parts of the instrument
  • Around a dozen chords
  • Strumming and finger picking patterns
  • 7 lessons and 7 worship songs

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DVD: $24.95
DVD + Book:  $29.95

Quote from Worship Guitar:
"You've got absolutely nothing to lose — and everything to gain. The DVDs come with a One Year Money Back Guarantee! I look forward to meeting you in the Holy of Holies as we praise our Creator!"

Jean Welles is a sweet spirit and that is how she comes across in the DVD lessons.  She has a very calm and soothing way of speaking and teaching.  I really like her approach; she is very thorough.  I really like the idea of learning to play an instrument from a Christian and by learning to play worship music. 

My son (Double Espresso - 11) has already mastered the first song.  He learned it in no time and is so proud of himself.  He already showed his new talent off to his grandparents.  Maybe someday he will be playing in our worship band at church!

UPDATE:  Worship Guitar has totally inspired Double Espresso to learn more about guitar.  God sent a new man to our church who plays for the LORD and has helped to encourage Double Espresso.  I asked D.E. what he thinks about playing the guitar and he said, "It's awesome!"

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(I was not paid to review this product.)

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Jan Mader said...

So are you learning to play the guitar? It sounds like so much fun!


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