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At first glance, Mathletics looks like any other website for kids with its bright colorful screen.  If you look closely, you'll see a chart right in the middle with flags and names on it.  That is the list of kids from all over the world who are ranking high in their math on Mathletics! 

That's right ~ Competition!  Kids from all over the world can challenge each other in math!  Matheletics has a full curriculum section and a competition section.  Students can learn and have fun doing it!

World's most used math website
Step by step animation
Program keeps track of students progress
Costs less than $2 a week
Tracks student's daily progress

Students have fun creating their own "look".  They get to choose hair color, features and clothing for their avatar.  Way cool for the way cool kid! 

Cost: $59 for 12 months with a 10 day money back guarantee
If you answer the question, "Do you know the Human Calculator's favorite number?" correctly, you can get the subscription for $49.95!

There is absolutely no communication with or between students.  This is a safe site.

I would like to warn you, if your child is into technology he may be able to figure out that there are cheats or "hacks" for Mathletics.  If you look on YouTube, you can find pelnty!

The Espressos have been into doing math with a pencil lately but Mathletics is a great program to have gotten to try!  I was able to review it through The Old Schoolhouse "Crew". 

(I was not paid to review Mathletics.)

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