Math Mammoth ~ We loved it!

I was offered Math Mammoth to review for the CREW and was actually given a choice as to which product I would like to try.  Maria Miller was so generous!  I chose to try the complete curriculum.  I already knew that Math Mammoth was a good product as I had used it in the past. 

This couldn't have come at a better time.  Double Espresso was having problems in math.  It just wasn't clicking.  He needed something different and Math Mammoth was it!  Since he needed to review a bit, I chose the level below his grade level.

When I unzipped the download (you can also choose a printed copy), I noticed that there was a lot more than just the math problems for the student!

Here is some of what is included in a complete curriculum:
  • Studen worktext (part A & B)
  • Answer key
  • Helpful resources on the internet
  • Tests
  • Reviews
  • Free worksheet maker
I have to pass on a message from Double Espresso.  I told him that I was blogging about Math Mammoth and he said, "Tell them I love it!  It's 'funner'!"  Ok, so we have to work on Grammar too.   We like the word "funner"!

Some things that I like about Math Mammoth other than it's "funner":
  • I like that it is "nearly self teaching".  It's not that I don't want to spend time with my little Espresso; I just want them to know how to learn on their own. 
  • It gives diffeent ways to learn a concept.  To be honest, I learned 2 new ways to multiply and I like them so much better!  I wish I had learned this when I was in school!
  • Almost no prep time.  I sure like things that are already done for me.
  • I like it that he likes it!
Prices for complete curriculum:

Full set (A & B) $29.70
Full set for 1-A: $15.50
Full set for 1-B: $15.50
Supportive materials only $14
(answer keys, tests, cumulative reviews, worksheet maker, and Soft-Pak)

Math Mammoth complete curriculum
4 A Sample
2 B Sample  (more samples available when you click on a specific grade level)

Not a paid review.  All opinions are MINE!

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