Toys for My Boys!

(Example of what my boys usually do with KNex)

When we moved 3 months ago, we left the KNex and Legos behind vowing that we would go back and get them.  Well, we did but it took a while.  I'm actually glad.  When they walked in the door with the boxes tonight, TV, computers, and video games all took a backseat!  A new toy!  ...but not really.

Immediately, the weapons of choice were made.  Yes, we are firm believers in GOOD weapon toys!  (I know some don't believe that any weapon is good.  To each their own!)  

I was cracking up when Double Espresso came into my room with his "inventions".  He proceeded to introduce me to the "Viking / Cowboy / Gangster" weapon.  Well, that was interesting!  (I'm glad that he knows the difference and has been listening in history!)

Well, I just heard a big "OWWW" come from the living room.  I guess Espresso's creation of an actual shooting gun just worked!

Back to the drawing board...  I googled KNex plans and this is what I came up with:
Free KNex lesson plans for parents and teachers
Free downloads for KNex instructions

What kind of activities do your children enjoy?

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Beautiful Mess said...

Life is school and school is life! Learning in EVERYTHING!!

Too neat!


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