Monday! Review - Proven to raise math scores! 

From the founder of MathScore:  " provides online math practice and assessment for students between 1st grade and Algebra I. What makes our service special is our ability to randomly generate math problems that automatically adapt difficulty based on performance, which enables every student to learn at their ideal pace."

When I learn about something, I want to have examples, so I am going to provide examples for you.

Topics are listed on the side bar of your screen.  As you can see, there is a very large range of topics for the 7th grade. There are 228 topics ranging from Fast Addition to Nonlinear Functions.  (Non what?  Thank goodness for MathScore!)  Another feature in the Topics section is, you can switch grade levels with a click of the mouse!

Once a topic is picked, the student has the choice of Do Worksheet, Mini Lesson and Sample Problems.  The Mini Lesson is an explanation of the topic complete with examples.  The Sample Problems is a large sheet of practice problems.  Do Worksheet is the timed page.

 MathScore is a very thorough program.  A homeschooler could easily use this for a complete math program although, it was created to be a supplement.

1 child = $14.95 per month
($9.95 with a 9 month commitment)
2nd child = $5.00 per month
Each additional child = $3.95 per month

Sign up for a FREE trial!  MathScore Trial
See a demo:  MathScore Demo

I really like the range of topics covered in MathScore and there is plenty of practice.  If you are looking at using it for a whole curriculum, you will have to figure out a way to do review.  When using MathScore, I didn't come across a review of topics covered.  Also, as you can see from the pictures, the pages are a little boring looking.  That is fine for my "textbook learner" but for the child that learns more visually and hands on, this may not be the best program for him.

My conclusion:  Thumbs up!

(I was not paid to review this product.)

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Beautiful Mess said...

Signing up for a free trial when H is done helping his dad.

Thank you! I will let you know how my visually hands on learner like it :)

Very well written!


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