I had the privilege of reviewing "the ULTIMATE GUIDE to HOMESCHOOLING" by Debra Bell put out by Apologia.  This book is the bomb!  I have learned so much and I've always homeschooled; my oldest is 13!

Because this is the "ultimate guide" I'm not sure where to start!  There are over 500 pages of ultimate information.  I thought it would be a book for new homeschoolers, which it is, but there is enough in this book to challenge and inspire any veteran.

One of the chapters that I have enjoyed the most is "Determining Your Child's Learning Style". I've always wanted to read more about that. It is so much fun to see my kids and myself in these paragraphs. It has opened my eyes to some things and given me a new path.

For those considering homeschooling:
Debra gives some GREAT arguments in Chapter 2 for "The Advantages of Homeschooling" but she isn't one sided. To keep it real, she also gives us Chapter 3, "The Challenges of Homeschooling". She is honest about why you may change your mind but definately not discouraging.

From Debra (I think the author says it best): Look what's inside:
  • Six ingredients of a successful homeschool
  • Ten ways to motivate the reluctant learner
  • Creative solutions to burnout, budgets, toddlers and time
  • Homeschooling through high school
  • Raising an independent learner
  • Determining your child's learning style
  • Subject-by-subject guidelines
  • Navigating college admissions channels
  • Using the Internet, on-line courses and technology
  • Transitioning from school to home
  • Networking with other homeschoolers
  • Planning fantastic field trips and co-operative experiences
  • Plus, a resource guide directing you to the best organizations, contests, publications and curricula suppliers!

From the book:
 Some extras:
  • Suggested Reading - Things to read to find out more about the subject
  • Websites
  • From the Bell Files - Great stories
  • Voices of Experience - Opinions of others from around the country
  • Buying & Resource Information - Recommended resources
Price: $20.00
You can go to Apologia's website and read a sample chapter.

I am so glad that I have "the ULTIMATE GUIDE to HOMESCHOOLING" at my disposal.  This is a true gem!

I was not paid to review this book.  All opinions are mine.


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