Homeschooling Is a Lifestyle

What does your homeschool look like?  What kind of "learning" do you do outside of books?

A lot of people hear the word "homeschool" and think "school at home".  For some people, school at home may very well describe their homeschool.

School at home may look something like this:

Most homeschoolers that I know have a more relaxed environment.

No desks - No chalkboards - No textbooks

A more relaxed environment may look like this:

Kids can learn all kinds of ways, through exploration, games, art, etc.  Homeschooling is just like that.  Homeschooling is a lifestyle.

Our kids are always learning no matter where we go.  My husband and I ask questions to spur their minds into thinking.

We have a "set" time that we do our "learning" out of books, videos, & experiments but we are always trying to learn something.

Today, after our official learning time was over this is what I saw:

Both of the boys were zoned out at computers.  Espresso was working on a new software program that he got.  He was editing voices.  (He's a computer nerd!)  Double Espresso was putting his first item on Ebay.  (A boy needs money you know.)  

I asked why they didn't call their friends, and this was the answer, "Because I was having too much fun!"  That  
just thrilled my heart!  Of course, after a while, out the door they went to have a Nerf war.

Books may be a part of homeschooling but a homeschooling lifestyle goes far beyond books.

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Luke said...

Absolutely. Homeschooling is a lifestyle that lets us think about education in a broader context. This opens up the world--and our lives--to so many more opportunities. It's a beautiful thing!



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