Will / can you answer with honesty?

I am going to ask a series of questions in this article.  I want you to seriously consider your answers.  I'm asking you not to just read the article but to answer each question for the sake of your children's minds.

Who is moulding your child's mind?  Who is influencing him?  Who is helping him form ideas and theories about "life"?  Who is the main person speaking into his life?  Is that person speaking positive or negative over your child?

Children are in school about 1330 hours a year.  That is being conservative.  It doesn't include before and after school or extracurricular activities.  That makes adults outside of the home the primary influences of children's minds.

Who is the adult that is most influencing your child?  Do you personally know them?  Do you know their heart and trust it?

If a child is being influenced by another adult or adults for 1330 hours a year, how likely is it that the child will start to emulate that teaching adult's mindset?

Jesus has something to say about that very thing!  Luke 6:40 says, "A pupil is not above his teacher; but everyone, after he has been fully trained, will be like his teacher." (NASB)

Do you believe Jesus?

IF a child is in church for 2 services a week for an hour each service and goes to church EVERY week, that child is in church for 104 hours a year.  Sound like a lot?

If a parent is trusting the church to train his child in the ways of the LORD, how likely is it that his child will learn? 

Are you trusting Sunday school, children's church or your pastor to teach your child everything that he knows about God, salvation and how to live for the LORD?

How likely is it that your child will grow up with a worldly mindset?

Consider these quotes:

By the age of nine, most of the moral and spiritual foundations of a child are in place.
What you believe at age 13 is pretty much what you're going to die believing. 
Our national surveys have shown that while more than 4 out of 5 parents (85 percent) believe they have the primary responsibility for the moral and spiritual development of their children, more than two out of three of them abdicate that responsibility to their church.
 (The previous quotes were taken from sites that quoted Barna)

"Jesus understood the importance of continual intimate contact with His students, as He ate, slept and fellowshipped with His disciples 24 hours a day. It is unlikely that Jesus would have entrusted their training to strangers."  (Haverluck-700 club)

Am I saying that all Christian parents should homeschool their child? No, absolutely not; I'm just asking questions.  Did you answer them? 

The matter of "who" teaches your child is a matter of prayer.  Please don't just entrust them to some stranger (Christian or not) for a whole year to 13 years of their lives without knowing the teacher's heart. 

Question them ~  You are the parent


~Sandy~ said...

Very good post. Something we should all think about.

Beautiful Mess said...

This so much puts into one place the "things" I try to get across to people when they ask: why do you homeschool.

Thank you!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful. So true and very well said! Thank you for sharing.


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