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"Young Novelist Workbooks - awesome workbooks—one for elementary school students, one for middle school students, and one for high school students.

Inside each workbook you'll find worksheets and activities that will spark your imagination and guide you through your noveling journey this November. No matter what age you are, we encourage you to explore all three. You may find something to keep your creative juices flowing in all of them! Click on the images below to pop open the printable versions of each one."

Free writing workbooks
How to write a novel
Writing Program


kewkew said...

Thanks for sharing this. I am a new follower and I am impressed by all the information you are sharing. Thanks a bunch

kewkew said...

Just signed up for this. Gotta see if I can get my 14 year old to participate. The little ones aren't old enough. Thanks for sharing this.


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