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I was reading a post on "The Homeschool Classroom" and she asked, "What tips do you have for mentoring a new homeschooling mom?"

I liked my answer so much that I thought I'd post it on my blog!!  After thinking about it, I'd like to move #4 up to #1!  I'm sure I have much more advise to give and will think more about that and post it later.

Years homeschooled:  I've always homeschooled and my oldest is almost 14.


1.RELAX!!  If you put some effort into it, your child won't grow up not knowing his addition facts.  He's not going to wind up in college not knowing how to read. (Taking into consideration, the disabled child.)

2. You are not going to screw him up for life!  He will turn out just fine when you combine effort for his education with a mother's love.

3.  Make it fun!  Don't forget to take breaks (often) and just have some fun.  The more you do this, learning during fun will come naturally.

4. Last but not least, call on God.  God formed your child while he was in your womb.  Before your child came to be, God knew him.  Since God knows your child so well, He very well may have some good tips for educating him!

Do you have advise to give?


Melissa + Tiffany @ Home Grown Families said...

Good advise! Relaz is the hardest, I think! It's easy to get caught up...
Thanks for linking up at Home Grown Families Friday Blog Hop! We're following you now!

Rabin said...

These are great tips. I would add to remind children (especially if they are coming out of traditional classroom setting) that they aren't missing out on something, but gaining a whole new set of unique experiences and attentiveness they might not have otherwise.


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