Advise For Homeschool Moms/Dads ~ Part 2

I previously wrote a post with "advise" and a reader left this comment:

"These are great tips. I would add to remind children (especially if they are coming out of traditional classroom setting) that they aren't missing out on something, but gaining a whole new set of unique experiences and attentiveness they might not have otherwise."

Excellent advise Rabin!  When we drive past a school on our way to Chicago, the apple orchard, Six Flags Homeschool Day, park day with other homeschoolers, a museum, or any of the other cool places we go to learn, I make sure to point out... "Aren't you glad you're not in there learning?  The whole world is your classroom!"

Our children know that they aren't "missing out." 

If you want to make sure your children know that they are BLESSED to be learning at home or out and about, you have to point it out to them.  Repetition works with kids.  Eventually... they'll get it!

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Maureen said...

Great advice! A perfect time of the year too, when new homeschoolers are feeling so intimidated by the whole process. I love your blog BTW and I have a blog award for you! It's posted at


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