Bliss Comes in a Package Marked: Organization

(This is a guest post.  It suggests ideas for kids who go to traditional school but the organizational ideas can easily be adapted for homeschoolers especially if you go on field trips or to co-ops.)

Bliss Comes in a Package Marked: Organization
Back pack? Yes. Lunchbox? Yes. Gym clothes? Oh, no! Not everyone can live up to the euphoria of Real Simple magazine’s stylish organization, but a little tidy organization and routine upkeep within the home can make a mom’s jam-packed schedule run a little smoother. Try these tips and turn an “Oh, no” into, “yes.”
· Store and sort your children’s school items in the same place each night. Make it a destination spot near the front door. Before you leave each morning, you and your children can make a habit of checking that their backpacks are filled with everything needed to ensure a school day is packed and ready to go.
· Have your children pick and lay out their school outfits the night before, in the same place each night. Doing this will minimize the morning battle of “what to wear” versus “what not to wear” as well as prevent you from losing valuable time making three or four trips to the laundry room in the morning in search of missing socks, underwear or gym clothes.
· Organize lunch meals with advance preparation and planning. Preslicing and prepacking snacks like carrots or cheese can minimize lunchbox assembly time in the morning and give you more time to get dressed for work. Doing a little advance meal preparation can also give you more time with your child to talk about the exciting things going on in school that afternoon.

It may not be rocket science, but little steps toward improving organization can go a long way and bring a sense of calm to you and your child.

This is a guest post from Kumon, the world’s largest after-school math and reading enrichment program that unlocks the potential of children so they can achieve more on their own. Connect with us on Facebook at or Twitter at  

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