Kids Who Play

I love the kids at our church. Even though they go to public school (and say their friends would laugh at them if they knew) when they are at our church they act like kids! They play dress up and go around looking silly but don't mind at all. (I'm talkin about boys and girls ages 9-15.) They aren't immature, they just don't mind being seen having fun (at church)! They even play hide n seek and older kids (14-18) play along too! I did the same thing growing up (at church).

Once, a boy who doesn't usually come around came to a bonn fire we were having. He is clearly becoming a man (at 15) and scoffed when asked to play hide n seek in the dark parking lot and church property. Wouldn't you know, in a few minutes he too was running around like the rest of the kids, laughing, chasing, and being chased.

It's such a precious site to see kids acting like... kids!

Do you encourage your kids to PLAY?  Do they have friends that PLAY?

The Homeschool Classroom has a post today about this very thing.  Homeschooling the First Year: Fitting In and the Power of Imaginative Play

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