The Snowflake - In All Its Beauty - Tons of Ideas

This is REALLY, REALLY cool!  You can cut your own coffee pot filter snowflake virtually!
Cut a Snowflake

I just did a post on my other blog about the beauty of a snowflake and the blizzard where I live.  Check it out here:  At Home With JANET

Learn about "The Snowflake Man".

Learn to write snowflake similes. (grades 3-6)

Paper snowflake instructions with video:  paper snowflake

Learn about a town called Snowflake, Arizona.  PDF Snowflake

Snowflake Worksheet from Answers In Genesis:  PDF winter wonderland.

Snowflake Science eBook: PDF Snowflake Science

Make popup snowflake cards

Make snowflake crafts  (not just for kids)

Snowflake lessons with activities:  Why Do Snowflakes Come in So Many Shapes and Sizes

Snow science lessons

Snowflake Video

Domino Snowflakes

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Jan Mader said...

Okay. this is seriously cool Janet...all of it! I'm so glad you told me about this post!!!


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