What is your school day like?

Everyone does things differently, especially in homeschooling.  There are so many ways to do it right that there's little room for huge mistakes that will forever mess up your kid!  (I know a lot of moms are afraid of that at some point in their homeschooling journey.)

So, how do you "do school"? 

I'll share a little about our day and then it's YOUR turn!

  1. We have a bit of waking-up family time.  Hubs and I usually have coffee and watch preaching on TV. 
  2. The kids get up a little while after we do and sit around with us for a while.
  3. At ____:00 (anywhere from 9-10:30) we do chores. (Garbage out, make beds, clean up house, etc.)
  4. 30 minutes after that, we sit down to read our B I B L E s usually for about 20-30 minutes.  After that we usually discuss something that they read.
  5. Next is usually math, spelling test (every day), and possibly some LA.
  6. Lunch anywhere from 12:00-1:00 and usually lasts 30-60 minutes.
  7. After lunch is the rest of LA, free writing, and 20 minutes of free reading.
  8. Several days a week we watch Liberty Kids on Netflix.  They are learning from that and it's fun!

We've been concentrating a lot on math, reading, character, and the Bible for the first half of the school year. After the new year, I am going to add science and history and cut back a little on the LA.  We will be having a longer school day but doing more field trips.

What about you?

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Bubble Juice said...

8:30 Prayer and Westminster Shorter Catechism devotion.

Computer--20 minutes BBCs Dance Mat Typing and Mavis

break--I set the kitchen timer for about 10 minutes

Lang Arts-- 10 min Free Rice, grammar, and writing skills


History or Science--notes, vocab

lunch- about 45 minutes

Math 5--Math Connects

Reading --A literature book, currently The Indian in the Cupboard--character webs--journal-vocabulary---I read one chapter of a more difficult book aloud.

1 hour Wilson tutoring twice per week for dyslexia

1 hour trumpet lesson with practice every other day.


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