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Encourage missions and compassion in your children!  

The boys and I went through the first video series and companion guides last year.  We couldn't have been more pleased.  These videos and devotions helped the boys develop a heart for the people of India and our very own neighbors.

After the series was over, we were all sad...  BUT the good news is, it's back!  Get ready for year 2 of "My Passport to India!"

Year 1 here:  My Passport to India
(Quote from Mission India)

He's baaaack!Everybody's favorite tour guide is back in India and he's excited to take you into the summer Children's Bible Clubs (CBCs) you helped start!
Over the next few weeks, Chris will take you on a whirlwind tour to:
  • See what happens before a Children's Bible Club gets started
  • Spend time with the volunteer club leaders who are reaching out to kids across India this summer
  • Introduce you to some of the boys and girls who are attending your CBCs
  • Discover how your Children's Bible Clubs have the power to impact entire communities
  • Show you why pastors and churches in India love CBCs so much!
We hope your families developed a heart for India when you joined us last fall for our Passport to India adventure. 

Sign up for year 2:  Mission India

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Goodworth Family said...

I'm SO SO SO grateful to have stumbled upon your blog. I am up late at night googling
"homeschooling" and "engineering" as we are soon to bring our 1st grader home for school and here I'd just like to be your friend with so many shared interests. I'm adding you to my blog (a resource blog of children's mission resources), but will be "stalking" you about homeschooling now. I'm nervous, but excited too. God is good to prepare me. www.kidswithaglobalvision.com


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