Homeschool Line Up for 2012

How is your search for the perfect homeschooling products, books, and subscriptions going for the 2012 school year?

I'd love to know what you are using as I am still on a search myself.  (I don't use boxed curriculum and our approach is "eclectic/delight driven."

This is what I have so far:

Florida Science: An Environmental Science Adventure (Jr. High)
Creation Apologetics (High School)
Marine Environmental Science (High School)
Physics (Free, High School) ~ (has book and videos)

Geometry videos (High School) ~
Basic Geometry Plus Teacher Edition (High School) ~

Master Math (Jr. High) Free videos and worksheets ~

Glencoe Literature Library (plus books from the library)

Writing Essays in Just 20 Minutes a Day ~ PDF
Research and Writing Skills in 20 Minutes a Day ~ PDF

English 7 Easy Peasy

Geography and Cultures Free Curriculum (Christian) ~ PDF

Homeschool Movie Club (High School) ~ Homeschool Movie Club Curriculum

Entrepreneurship for Teens

Teaching Kids about Banking ~ PDF

Micro Business for Teens ~ For Purchase
Micro Business for Teens Videos


April said...

We are going computer this year, so the girls can build up computer skills. So, we went with Alpha Omega's SOS (Switched on Schoolhouse) for our core subjects and a few of our electives. We are also using Amanda Bennetts unit studies for some more electives. Of course, like many homeschool families we are also supplementing with classes from Coop, church, sports, 4H and Girl Scouts, as well as music lessons.

Berry Girl said...

My kiddo is in 2nd grade and is high functioning autistic. So ours varies a lot depending on what works.

Curriculum wise we use:
Handwriting without Tears
Maps (a workbook)
My Body Book (helps you make a body of yourself including your organs)

Not using curriculum we do:
Experiments (science)
Verbal Dialog (science)
DVDs (history and sign language)
Journaling (English)
Hands-on Activites (American History and different countries flags)
Story Writing (English)
Listing to classical music (music)
Nature Walks (Science)
Printable lists (Spelling)

This is what we will be using throughout the year but we'll see how it goes. Sometimes we need to change things around due to how he learns or what he's interested in.


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