More Reasons to Homeschool

I found this quote and had to post it.
Something to think about:

"Let's try this: For starters, imagine you decide to have children, and you're anticipating how your life is going to change. You're trying to imagine how your life will be from now on, and what kind of life you can give your children. You think:

What if I didn't have to get up at 6 a.m. to get the kids to school on time?
What if I didn't have to nag them to get their homework done?
What if my kids didn't have to feel bad because they're slow to learn something?
What if they really loved something and were allowed to learn about it all day?
What if they got to wear whatever clothes they wanted and didn't come home from school crying because someone made fun of them?
What if they got to choose who to spend time with, got to pick their friends, just like grownups do?
What if our family got to go on vacation whenever we wanted?
What if we spent our days having fun, goofing around and learning about stuff?
What if my kids spent the majority of their time with the people who love them the most? Wouldn't that be awesome?
My answer is yes. And that is why I homeschool."
(Italics and green added by me.) Here is a link to her blog: Home School Image

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