How Flexible Are You?

How flexible are you?  No, I don't mean your body!  If you are a mom like me your body has lost a lot of your flexiblity over the years!

I mean, how flexible is your schedule?  Is it as flexible as a pencil? ~ It only bends when under heat and pressure is applied?

I used to be as flexible as a pencil.  I used to get very anxious if something came up that upset our "schedule".  Over the past couple of years, I have HAD to learn to let that go.  It's a good thing.

I had just read (somewhere on this world wide web) that a homeschool mom takes the whole month of December off every year.  I thought, how strange.  How can she be that flexible.  How can they "afford" that? 

About a week or so after, we found out that we were moving.  It came on so fast and that homeschool mom's comment was tucked in the back of my head.  As it turned out, even though I am very organized (in my mind anyway) moving was more traumatic than I thought it would be.

Yah, we knew where all of our stuff was.  It's just that we were so blown away by God's grace, gifts and blessings that we couldn't get our minds wrapped around everything.  I kept saying, "We'll start 'school' next week."  Next week never came! 

I'm so glad that that homeschool mom had made the comment about their December schedule (or lack there of).  

In days gone by, I may have freaked out about missing "school" for that many days.  Our kids didn't do book work, but the lessons that they learned in our month "off" are invaluable.

Are you flexible to what God sends your way?

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