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You know how some adults make their kids do certain things like sports or cheer-leading so that they can live vicariously through them?  Shouldn't it be the other way around?

My husband and I frequently serve at a church that feeds homeless and disadvantaged people.  We go so often that we know some of the regulars by name and / or by what they wear.  (Like the transv_stite that dresses like a cop or one armed Henry... sweet one armed Henry.)

This place is not for children.  They don't even allow high-schoolers unless they are older.  I wish we could take our older son so that he can learn, see, and experience a life that he wouldn't otherwise see.

Since our kids can't go, we tell them about everything that happened.  They ask us questions about circumstances and different people that they have heard us talk about.  We try to describe the smells of the homeless and alcoholics and ladies who are sprayed with a bunch of perfume!

For now, we let them live vicariously through us.  This is the way...

Is there anything in particular that your kids have to do or live through you?

photo by jerrold litwinenko

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