What are we using for math?

In my search for a great math program that was free or inexpensive, I came across MathTV.comFor $20, I have access to all of the online textbooks, the math problems & solutions, the videos explaining the concepts in each chapter and extra worksheets for a period of six months. 

Double Espresso (6th grade) is using the Essentials of Basic Mathematics and Espresso (8th grade) is doing review with Introductory to Mathematics and will be moving up to Introductory to Algebra soon. (I wanted to do review after summer.)

With these textbooks, we are able to skip topics that they have already mastered.  The boys like the video teachers and each have their favorite person. 

The boys go to the next chapter and watch all of the videos.  I print out the math problems for that chapter and they get to work.  They are always able to go back and review the video if needed.  After their work is completed, I am able to click the answers link at the top of the chapter and easily check their answers.  (I do not need to print all of the pages of the textbooks.  I only print the math problem pages.)

This is not a paid or sponsored review.  I just wanted to share what works for us!

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Great teaching videos
  • Awesome price
  • Super simple and very little work for Mom!

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My Little Nest said...

I looked up MathTv, and it's amazing! How do you find this stuff? I'm using an algebra course for my son. It was free, given to me by a former HS teacher. It's OK, but not enough video tutors. This will nicely supplement what we're already using. Thanks for the info! I check your site once in a while. Hope all is well with you! Robin


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